Harrison Lee Vann

Harrison Lee-Vann is the Ohana Team Multilingual Group co-leader for Florida Home Realty, where he has devoted his real estate servicing skillsets for the past 10 years and fluent in Vietnamese. He originally founded the Ohana Team at Florida Home & Realty Mortgage in October 2015 and has seamlessly managed to expand the multilingual team with the assistance of his co-leader. Additionally, the Ohana Team received the Top Sales Performance Team in 2016. He has extensive experience in the real estate and hospitality arena. Prior to transitioning his career in 2007 to focus primarily on real estate, he was employed at Quality Inn & Suites as the General Manager since 1999. His hospitality management background began in the State of Hawaii where he was first introduced to the concept of Hospitality. It was this introduction to the customer service oriented realm that inspired him to further his career to helping service the needs to those around him.

His primary focus is to ensure that real estate expectations and needs are met on behalf of the clients. He is a dedicated and motivated working professional who is highly knowledgeable and market-savvy that downright proves as a beneficial asset in his abilities to provide exceptional service to all of his real estate clients. He possesses extremely rare qualities in his real estate servicing abilities to ensure that clients’ preferences and expectations are addressed in their purchasing experience. He will take the necessary time to interact with his clients to obtain a clearer understanding of their preferences and expectations to ensure that his clients are content with their real estate purchase.

If you are in the market to buy or sell, Harrison Lee-Vann is your preferred choice as a Real Estate Agent. He will provide you with the necessary tools to ensure that your home purchase and customer experience is of exemplary nature. It can be noted that this working professional enjoys challenges and genuinely assists others’ with no hesitation on his behalf. If he commits to accomplishing his deliverables, he will to the best of his ability follow through on his word. Loyalty, compassion, dedication, patience and motivation are the key qualities noted by his prior clients’ as general expressions that simply describe his innate character.

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