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Ahh, the leaves are changing, the weather is getting a little cooler, now is the time to get out and about with your loved ones, but what to do? Here are a few of my favorite fall haunts to get out and enjoy some quality time with friends and family in this amazing Fall season.





A few excellent family-friendly events to enjoy this great fall weather are,


Connors Amazing Acres is one place that cannot be missed a 125-acre working family farm, with a play area with amenities like the Spiderweb, Tractor See Saws, John DeereTractor Fort, Slides, Swings, Life-sized Lincoln Logs, Duck Races, Pedal Carts, and Basket Ball game under the barn. 1000's of beautiful pumpkins from the Navajo Reservation. Proceeds benefit the

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Clay County was created in 1985, as a popular tourist destination with a warm climate and an abundance of activities to do, and places to visit. Located in northeast Florida, outside of Jacksonville, Clay is a great place to live. Still close to a Major city but far enough away to enjoy country or suburban living.

Clay county is made up of about 8 different cities, Orange Park, Fleming Island, Middleburg, Green Cove Springs, Asbury Lake, Penny Farms, and Keystone Heights. 

There is a large assortment of attractions based on individual interests and needs.

Whatever you are looking for Clay county has it, from waterfront access to land, everything you need Clay County has it. Movie theaters, Clay County Fair, Horse Back Riding, Museums, Nature

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 What is an appraisal? Why do I need one? How can I prepare?

An appraisal is done by a licensed appraiser and is required for almost all home loans it is used to determine the appraised value of a home. The appraisal is done by a 3rd party, chosen by the lending company, you cannot choose your own appraiser and it is illegal to interfere with the appraisal.  It will be used in the lender’s final decision to approve the loan, a report is typed up and sent to the lender to verify the loan amount.

A few things included in the report by the appraisers are the fixed qualities like location, age and, quality of construction, sq footage, size of rooms, they will also look at the HVAC and plumbing. They will compare your house to others around you that have

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How will my home be sold? In the midst of all the houses on the market how will my house be seen by the most people and not get lost in the shuffle? An experienced realtor can expertly market your house to give you the most exposure and make sure that buyers will walk through your door, resulting in quicker offers and a possible bidding war.  A few things that will make marketing your house stronger are: professional photos; having a full set of photos displaying the house will make buyers interested in seeing more for themselves.   Having a detailed and interesting description of the house and its location will make buyers aware of the pros and cons of your house and neighborhood.  Most of the time location and access to local amenities…
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Once you have browsed around looking at different types of home, have a general idea of what you want/need in a home and it's time to seriously start shopping for a home there are a few steps and things that you need to know about the home buying process.   First things first you need to find a lender, a lender with in house underwriting can save you a lot of time when it gets closer to closing. You can shop around, talk with a Realtor and express your finances and wants, they can point you in the direction of a few local lenders that will be able to help you out. It's a good idea to shop around, you don't have to exclusively use a bank, there are private lenders as well. Shop the rates and see which will work better with your home buying needs.…
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  Everyone wants to get the most out of their home when they sell, below are some things that cost little but can improve home resale  value, without  breaking the bank, any of these diy projects can be done over a weekend in preparation of getting the most value from the sale of their home. Not every project has to be big (or extremely expensive) to add value to your home. These done-in-a-weekend projects, for example, are high in return.  
1. Improving drainage in your yard can up the value of your home. Changing the drainage in your yard with native plants  can  nurture the land in your yard and protect the environment by channeling rain water and runoff from gutters into a rain garden planted with deep-rooted, colorful native…
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  Thinking about buying a house but are unsure about financing or where to get started, below is some information on FHA loans, the process, the requirements, and guidelines.    FHA loans are Federally Backed by the Federal Housing Administration a section of Housing and Urban development, given the low down payments of 3.5% and the required credit score of 580 associated with FHA loans it is easy to see why it is a popular choice with first time home buyers and for those unable to make a large down payment.   A FHA loan doesn't mean you actually borrow money from the federal government for your house. what happens is you secure a mortgage using a lender that is approved by the FHA.  You are still borrowing money from a…
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Looking to upgrade or even downsize to a house more suited to your wants and needs?  Whether buying or selling having an experienced Realtor on your side will always be a benefit to you. For the seller you get your house marketed on the MLS (multiple listing services) that reaches agents all over. Plus all the marketing that your agent has at her disposal, like professional photography, and with competitive marketing you are guaranteed that your house will be seen. An experienced Realtor will help you price your property correctly  to give you a strong negotiating edge. That means for you the seller there is maximum exposure for your house, guaranteeing that buyers and realtors will see your property.  Which means a…
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This weekend I visited one of my families favorite places, the Jacksonville Arboretum. A beautifully secluded nature hiking trails in a beautiful and popular area in Jacksonville that is still close to almost everything. There are many subdivisions within a 3 mile radius to the arboretum making it extremely convent for early weekend walks to recharge in nature. 
The Jacksonville Arboretum has 7 nature trails of varying difficulties. I will be honest my 5 and 3yr old have only been able to do the easier trails. That has not lessened the fun or enjoyment that we all have.  The Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens is a 120-acre urban woodland full of trails for you to explore and enjoy. There is a beautiful two-acre lake, filled with lily…
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Hiding relevant and material defects with your property not only is it illegal but it can come back to haunt you, being honest with your Realtor helps the Realtor selling your home, strategically market the property. When you sell your home there are somethings by law that have to be disclosed. If your house was built prior to 1978, federal law requires you to disclose whether or not you are aware of the presence of lead-based paint. In most states, sellers are required to disclose the presence of any type of pest infestation, including bats, mice, and bedbugs.

Many sellers fear that disclosing past water damage will send a potential buyer running. But by failing to disclose, the seller risks scaring off the buyer when the home inspection uncovers

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