October 2016

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Many people don't realize they buy a home verses renting. Buy into your dream instead of somebody elses. First time home owners may qualify for bond money in both Clay and Duval County. This bond money is up to $15,000. Plus there is also a program called LIST where you could additional $7,500. Both bond money and list program would go towards your down payment and closing assistance. Call me today at 904-993-8884. I have several Mortgage Lenders on my team who ready to work with you. They can get you pre-qualified in less than 30 minutes. I look forward to talking with you soon, 

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Duval and  lay Counties both offer bound money for First time home buyers up to $15,000. I have several Mortgage Lenders on my team that are ready to help you with home loan. They can have pre-qualified kin less 30 minutes.
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