Just like the Hidden Meaning of Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors!

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Have you ever wondered who or why home color trends come about?  I did on the day I showed this particular buyer homes from all decades, as St. Augustine has homes going back to the 1800’s!  Although we weren’t looking at historical homes, we were investigating homes from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s on up!  You could see the trends that were popular during those decades still living in the bathrooms, kitchen and sometimes in the floor covering!  So I researched this and here’s what I learned…

Color trends in homes reveal a response to social, cultural and economic factors.  The kaleidoscope of colors have meaning for each decade.

Expressing optimism for America’s continuing prosperity, fashion and interior design led the way with a palette full of “pretty pastels” that were far removed from the drabs of the war years after WWII.   The exuberance of the late 1950’s also showed itself in such striking colors as turquoise, chartreuse and flamingo pink!

The 60’s brought a decade of rebellion against the status-quo!  Sit ins, Woodstock, and all that the baby boomers could do to shock the establishment were in the forefront!  This decade brought in psychedelic colors of blueberries, jade and earthy anything!

As the re-emergence of interest in the environment, the 70’s carried with it the trend for the tones of greens, browns and golds.  The southwest became of interest during this time as well giving in to colors and décor of Arizona desert lands.

The United States had entered into the time of deep recession in the 1980’s.  With high interest rates, people opted to stay in their homes and remodel what they had.  They looked at their home to give them comfort and the trend for more feminine colors came about.  This was the decade for mauves, seafoam, plum and country blues and you can still see this décor in some of todays homes.

The 90’s were the decade of a robust economy and fast growth!  The emergence of HOA’s (homeowner associations) came about and the restrictions that brought.  Those restrictions meant the color of homes as well.  Common during this time frame where the neutral taupes and tans with wild colors as accents.

Today, in our ailing economy and our need to reconnect with the world as a whole, many homeowner’s find themselves upside down in their mortgage and a move to a different home not in their near future.  Colors today tend to be more subdued in different shades of whites and creams with splashes of colbalt blue and subtle reds.  Stainless steel appliances and countertops remain popular as well.

When looking for a time in your life that brings you the most pleasure, perhaps this article will help you in your decorating endeavors!  Good luck!

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