You Want My Help, But You Already Have a Buyers Agent?

Posted by Jocelyne Grandjean-Brown on Sunday, March 22nd, 2015 at 3:21pm

Although this is written by an agent in Massachusetts, the very same scenarios have happened to me on several occasions.  The latest, just a few weeks ago, was a couple who wanted to see one of my properties. I specifically asked them if they were working with an other agent and they told me no.  So I showed them the property and they asked if the seller would take less.  I suggested they make an offer and see if the seller would accept it.  Their response was they would have their agent make the offer if they decided on this property.  I was shocked and said why didn't you have your agent show you the property.  Their response floored me.  They didn't want to disturb their agent.  (His office was 1.5 miles up the road, while I traveled 23 miles one way, just to show them the home.)  It's not a wonder some agents charge up front for showing properties.

Following is the blog post from the agent in Massachusetts.

image not displayedI got several calls every week from people who want my help, but make it clear they are already working with a real estate agent.  There are two types of help they are looking for.  One they want help finding a home or two they have questions their agent can’t answer or isn’t around to answer.

Yesterday, I received one of these calls.  She was begging me to help her find a home but made it very clear she would have her agent write the offer so they can get the commission.  Hmmmm, whats wrong with that picture?

Lets chalk this up to not understanding how real estate agents or better yet buyer agency works.

How Real Estate Agents who are Working as Buyer’s Agents Get Paid

Real Estate agents working as Buyers Agents, or really all real estate agents regardless of who they work for, get paid by commission.

We do not have an hourly salary or a weekly pay check.

I get paid as a Buyers Agent, when I secure an offer on a home that is accepted by the seller and we move on to close on that property.  It can be months before I get paid when working with a buyer and can have as many as 40-60 hours into the transaction.  I am not complaining, I love the business of real estate!  It is just a fact on how buyer agents get paid.

So when you call me up and ask for my help, but tell me you already have an agent you are working with, you are asking me to:

Put in valuable time and energy and use my years of experience to help you so, someone else can get paid.

So Where is Your Real Estate Agent Anyways?

Your calling me for help to answer a question or about a specific property read the rest of the article, please go to:  

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